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 Reverend Susanne McKim




Having worked in banking for years, I stayed home with my two daughters until the youngest was well-established in the third grade, at which time I studied Religion, Philosophy and Sociology at York University. I played at this on a part-time basis for several years and then I went to the Toronto School of Theology at U of T, Wycliffe College, for my Masters of Divinity, graduating in 2005.


During the years of my Postulancy with the Diocese of Toronto, I was hired as a Pastoral Assistant at St. Augustine of Canterbury at Bayview and Eglinton, where I worked as Catechumenate Coordinator, led many studies on Biblical explorations and prayer, and did some preaching.


On my ordination to the Temporary Diaconate, I was hired as a Curate at All Saints, Kingsway where I was soon ordained and supported the priest in all areas of ministry. I particularly enjoyed developing the Drama Team with the youth group. We used costumes and puppets and dramatic readings to tell the gospel story, and we worked very well together. I developed a weekly study event called, “Coffee, Carbs and Conversation” where about 30 women gathered around breakfast and a book study on women’s issues. There was a lot of laughter, and at the same time, we got down to some important interpretation and we found that we were able to deconstruct feminine spirituality and make sense of our own spiritual experiences.

Following my Curacy, my first appointment as Priest-in-Charge was to the rural Parish of Georgina, a two-point ministry in Sutton on the south shore of Lake Simcoe. My ministry there seemed to focus on seeking unity and mutual support between two very different congregations with unique and divergent interests and talents. We worked hard together on a long and slow process of sharing, experimenting and exploring, which ended in a very successful amalgamation. I continued to write comedy skits and puppet dramas and to gather the talents of the people to help in finding new ways to tell our gospel story. One of the major events of this ministry was when the church community, both ours and other denominations, gathered around my letter to the Mayor and Town Council which expressed concern about the Town refusing the Food Pantry the money it asked for. There was a long, tricky process involved, but the Mayor listened to the concerns of the community, and the end result was the purchase of an empty school by the Town so as to house the Food Pantry and Hospice Group at a fraction of their previous costs, and to provide a vast array of resources to the people who struggled financially in the neighbourhood. The United Way got behind us and in the end, the Town received a Federal grant of $990,000.00 to help establish the initiative. Thus, I will always believe in the power of one little thought, one little letter, and the great political force of empowerment when many people gather around to support it. I love being part of a team, and I believe that most people are better theologians than they might have imagined. I’m always humbled and amazed by what I learn from God’s people.


My daughters, Rachel, 27 and Lisa, 24 are great companions, both living in the city. I sang in a Classical Rock band for many years, and I have a heart for people and their stories. I believe that my role as a priest is to lead in worship that uses as many voices from the community as possible, to help people to name their own gifts and their unique calling in ministry, and to empower people to trust in their own voice for social justice. I take my job of preaching very seriously, and I firmly believe that the Way of Christ is a way of radical inclusion – everyone belongs and everyone deserves respect. And I think we do best in community when we learn to laugh. (Did I mention that I love martinis with olives?)



The Reverend Trevor Finney


Trevor was ordained as a transitional deacon in Halifax in 2006, deferring an ordination to the priesthood to pursue studies in Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto.  Trevor is a nationally-certified chaplain with experience in corrections, mental health, palliative care and emergency medicine.  A significant portion of his training in chaplaincy occurred at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, an inner city, tertiary care facility serving the larger Edmonton area, the northern two thirds of Alberta and the western Arctic.  Trevor also possesses a Masters degree in counseling from the University of Ottawa and is trained in individual, marital and family psychotherapies.  He is currently affiliated with The Institute of Family Living in Toronto as a consultant in grief, loss and trauma.  He is actively pursuing a PhD at the University of Toronto in philosophical theology.  His research interests intersect theology, philosophy and psychology, particularly Hegel’s anticipation of psychoanalysis, the Gospel of Thomas (an early Christian, non-canonical sayings-gospel discovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945), as well as the intersection between religion and psychoanalysis in the stories of men and women of the Bible (Adam and Eve, Jonah, Joseph and his brothers) underscoring an appreciation of the Bible as the foundational text in our quest to understand what it means to be human.

Hall Rental

Rental Information

Rooms are available for rent at Trinity for your special event or meeting
•    Our Main Hall is 56 ft x 34 ft and will accommodate up to150 people
•    The River Room is 23 ft x 9 ft and will accommodate up to 35 people
•    We also have a small meeting room that will hold 8 people or less
There is a fully equipped working kitchen adjacent to the main hall along with separate washrooms and is handicap accessible next to the main church doors  entrance to the church.  
Tables and chairs are also available for your use.
Insurance is a mandatory requirement to use any rental areas in the church.  
For questions or to reserve a room, contact the church office.